WWTP Project Update - October 2022

Summary of Recent Work Completed

  1. Pumping upgrades
    • Construction of a second emergency overflow pond near the South Lift Station (SLS) to provide additional storage of untreated wastewater during major rainfall events.
    • Restoration of public trails that were disturbed during the above activity.
    • Replacement / upgrading of the pump and return pipe that transfers stored wastewater from the overflow ponds back into the SLS.
    • Construction of a concrete pad in preparation for supply of new back-up generator for the SLS.
  2. Treatment upgrades
    • Initial construction of a new aerated treatment cell, Cell “C2”, by constructing a clay berm through storage Cell “E”. Removal of sludge from Cell “C2”. The new aeration equipment for treatment Cell “C2” is being installed this month.
    • Completed foundation and lower walls for the Process Building. Installation of process and electrical / mechanical pipes and conduit within the under-slab area of the Process Building. Pouring of the concrete floor slab. Erection of preengineered steel frame, walls and roof for building.
    • Completed construction of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) tanks. Both tanks were recently tested for leakage. Aeration piping and diffusers to be installed in the MBBR tanks later this month.
    • Various yard pipe installations, site grading and drainage activities near the Process Building and MBBR tanks.
  3. Storage upgrades, including landfill clay stockpile (project #1020)
    • Completed hauling of clay material from treated wastewater storage Cell “I” to the Camrose Regional Sanitary Landfill, as well as to other sites on the WWTP site and near the SLS. Excess clay material to be placed in landfill stockpile this fall as grading activities at main WWTP are completed.
    • Completed deepening of storage Cell “I”, and reconstructed clay liner within the cell. Replacement of damaged drain pipe between Cells “H” and “I” and the City’s main lagoon discharge pipe. Storage cells are now available for the City’s use.
  4. Final landscaping, construction of parking lot and trail access, etc.
    • No work completed to date. This work will be completed in later stages of the project.
  5. General requirements
    • Ongoing payments as outlined in the General Requirements portion of the contract.

Summary of Upcoming Work

Based on Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd.’s (MRCL’s) latest work plan, the following is a summary of the main activities that will occur, as well as the anticipated timelines for each activity. Administration has organized this summary using the same categories as noted above:

All work related to the Landfill Clay Purchase project is substantially complete, although MRCL will continue to move clay in/out of the stockpile as needed throughout the remainder of the WWTP project. The WWTP upgrades are planned to be substantially complete by October 2023, with final cleanup of work being completed in the spring of 2024. This is unchanged from what was stated in prior updates.

Current Financial Status of Project

The following is a summary of the approved budgets and current / projected spending for the WWTP project.

The next planned Council update for this project will be in January 2023. Full details from this recent update to Council can be found in the October 17, 2022 Committee of the Whole Agenda.

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