WWTP Project Update - January 2023

Summary of Recent Work Completed

  1. Pumping upgrades
    • Delivery and installation of new back-up generator for the South Lift Station (SLS) facility. Once commissioned in Q1/Q2 of 2023, this generator will replace the existing ~30 year old generator which is located within the facility, while the former generator room in the SLS will be repurposed as the new electrical room for the facility.
  2. Treatment upgrades
    • City fiber optic line adjacent to WWTP site was relocated to allow for final site grading and drainage improvements in 2023.
    • ATCO Gas completed extension of gas main along 50 Street to the WWTP site.
    • Fortis completed installation of new power service and transformer at WWTP site.
    • Delivery and installation of new back-up generator for the WWTP site. This generator will be connected and commissioned in Q1/Q2 of 2023.
    • Completed construction of new aerated treatment cell, Cell “C2”, including layout of new aeration piping within the cell. The aeration system within Cell “C2” will be commissioned in Q2 of 2023.
    • Removed sludge from treatment cell, Cell “C1” (formerly Cell “C”). Replaced aeration piping and diffusers within the cell. The aeration system is currently receiving air from the existing blowers, but will be switched over to the new blowers in the Process Building in Q2 of 2023.
    • Foundtions and concrete floor slab complete. Pre-engineered building erected. Installation of exterior wall panels ongoing. Interior concrete tankage / containment walls poured. Installation of interior partition walls ongoing. Various equipment installed (new aeration and MBBR blowers, disc filters, equipment for flocculation tanks, various pumps, valves, etc.). Start of installation of building mechanical ducting and equipment.
    • Completion of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) tanks, including the influent and effluent flow channels on either side of the tanks. MBBR lift station construction to be complete by end of February. Installation of aeration equipment within the MBBR tanks ongoing.o Additional site works completed prior to freeze-up. Remaining site works to be completed in Q2 of 2023.
  3. Storage upgrades, including landfill clay stockpile (project #1020)
    • Completed deepening of storage Cell “I”, and reconstructed clay liner within the cell. This work was completed in 2022, although some deficiency repairs planned in Q2 of 2023 prior to the storage cell being available for City use.
    • Completed the majority of the hauling of clay material to a new stockpile at the Camrose Regional Sanitary Landfill. Some minor movement of clay in and out of the stockpile will continue in early 2023 until final site grading work at the main WWTP site is complete.
  4. Final landscaping, construction of parking lot and trail access, etc.
    • Admin met with the local gun clubs to review the current plans for this work. This meeting resulted in some changes to the proposed layout of the parking area and fencing improvements. This work will be completed in Q2 of 2023.
  5. General requirements
    • Ongoing payments as outlined in the General Requirements portion of the contract.

Summary of Upcoming Work

Based on MRCL’s latest work plan, the following is a summary of the main activities that will occur, as well as the anticipated timelines for each activity. Administration has organized this summary using the same categories as noted above:

All work related to the Landfill Clay Purchase project is nearing completion, although MRCL will continue to move clay in/out of the stockpile as needed for final grading at the main WWTP site. The WWTP upgrades are planned to be substantially complete by October 2023, with final cleanup of work being completed in the spring of 2024. This is unchanged from what was stated in prior updates.

Current Financial Status of Projects, including Approved Scope Changes

The following is a summary of the approved budgets and current / projected spending for the WWTP and landfill clay purchase projects.

The next planned Council update for this project will be in April 2023. Full details from this recent update to Council can be found in the January 23, 2023, Committee of the Whole Agenda.

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